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How To Detox Your Body ?

A body detox has a variety of unique benefits and focuses on your overall health rather than on any specific organs such as a liver detox.

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At Arista Recovery, we’re with our patients every step of the way. Even before you walk through our doors, our staff is here to support you through this battle. When you come to our residential treatment facility, you’ll undergo medical detox with round the clock medical supervision. The Arista detox program helps patients start treatment with less distractions, as the worst of the withdrawal symptoms have already dissipated.

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How To Detox Your Body

A body detox has a variety of unique benefits and focuses on your overall health rather than on any specific organs such as a liver detox. A body detox is different from a drug or alcohol detox, as these work to remove substances from your body, while this is a natural detox that works to remove toxins from your body.

A natural detox is unlike juice cleanses or other short-term detoxes that focus on drastic lifestyle changes to create quick effects that are usually not safe for the body. Instead, a natural detox focuses on making mild and healthy changes to your lifestyle that promote better overall health.

A simple yet effective way to begin your body’s detoxification is to limit alcohol consumption. Your body has to work hard to process the alcohol you consume and it directly impacts the organs responsible for naturally detoxifying your body, which are the liver and the lungs. By limiting the amount of alcohol you consume, your body can work harder to eliminate toxins from everything else you have consumed.

The best method of beginning a natural detox is by making sure to eat anti-inflammatory foods such as fruits, vegetables, and beans. These foods are packed with nutrients and fiber that aid gut and liver function to help your body stay in its best shape.

In the same vein, cutting out processed foods that are high in refined sugar and trans fats will also hep your digestive system and immune system, as well as providing other health benefits. This will also help you lose weight which can be a risk factor for many different diseases, including heart disease and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Staying hydrated is also beneficial when trying to detox or cleanse your body. Water will help your kidneys flush out any toxins, and adding lemon to the drink will signal the liver to produce more enzymes and make sure digestion is running smoothly. Green tea can also be effective due to its antioxidants, and the drink can protect against heart disease and cancer in addition to promoting overall health.

Physical activity is also an important component of a body detox. Sweat helps you detox by boosting your body’s circulation as well as by excreting toxins out of your body and skin. In addition to the physical benefits, staying active can help you detox mentally by decreasing stress levels and increasing your happiness and energy through the release of endorphins.

Perhaps the most simple way to detox your body is by achieving good sleep. Sufficient rest helps reduce stress and inflammation to put your body at peak performance. By putting all of these methods together, you can achieve a healthier body both physically and mentally. However, this method of detox will not be efficient in detoxing your body from substances. If you are looking to begin a medical detox for addiction treatment, Arista Recovery can help you get on the path to sobriety.

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