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How to detox your liver?

A liver detox is different from a drug or alcohol detox, as these work to remove substances from your body, while a liver detox works to cleanse your liver.

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How To Detox Your Liver

A liver detox is different from a drug or alcohol detox, as these work to remove substances from your body, while a liver detox works to cleanse your liver. The liver is the organ responsible for removing toxins from your body. The liver also detoxifies our blood, produces the bile needed to digest fat, breaks down hormones, and stores essential vitamins, minerals and iron. Without proper liver function, it is difficult for your body to detox and cleanse itself of environmental toxins that can contribute to worse overall health.

One of the most common liver diseases that increases the risk of liver damage is alcohol-induced cirrhosis, which as the name suggests, is brought on by drinking alcohol excessively. However, cirrhosis can have other causes as well, such as chronic malnutrition or hepatitis B. Risk factors for liver disease include heavy alcohol abuse, intravenous drug use, obesity and poor diet, viral infections, and autoimmune diseases.

You may notice you have an unhealthy liver if you experience any of the following symptoms, such as bloating and gas, acid reflux and heartburn, constipation, jaundice, high blood pressure, depression or anxiety, dark urine, chronic fatigue, sweating, or poor appetite. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, there are ways to improve your liver function before it progresses into full-blown liver disease.

A liver cleanse diet can help your liver return to normal function using all natural methods. The first step is to remove toxic foods from your diet, which means that processed foods that are high in refined sugars and trans fats must be cut out. Consumption of trans fats increases your risk of heart disease and may lead to immune system problems as well as liver problems.

Another beneficial method to cleanse your liver is by drinking raw vegetable juice. The best vegetables for a liver cleanse are cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. These vegetables help to reduce acid in the body and create a healthier pH balance.Carrots and ginger can also be used to soothe the digestive tract and help your body eliminate toxins quicker.

By eating potassium-rich foods, you are also lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure while cleansing your liver. Foods such as sweet potatoes, tomato sauces, spinach and beans are all high in both potassium and fiber, which promotes liver detoxification.

These steps are all helpful to cleanse your liver and improve liver function before developing liver diseases. However, once liver disease is present, liver cleanses may not be the most effective treatment method and you may need to talk to your doctor about taking medication. If you are developing liver problems due to heavy alcohol consumption, Arista Recovery can help you begin the path towards sobriety and reduce the risk of developing alcohol-induced cirrhosis.

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