Laura Knight Nicole Burson November 22, 2023

Laura Knight

Primary Therapist | Kansas

Gregory Plakias

Primary Therapist [Kansas]

Laura Knight

Laura is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Kansas and serves as a Primary Therapist at Arista Recovery. Laura received her Bachelor of Arts degree in music and psychology with intentions to become a music therapist, but through her schooling, discovered her love for talk therapy. Following undergrad, she began her career in substance use at a program for adolescent girls, which she worked at while pursuing her Master of Arts in Counseling degree from Central Seminary. After finishing her Master’s Degree, Laura began seeing clients at a private practice. While she enjoyed private practice, Laura grew to miss working in substance use, which led her to work at Arista Recovery. Laura works from a person-centered and trauma-focused perspective with her clients. She is passionate about helping clients understand the root causes of their substance use through processing trauma. She also works from the perspective that each individual has a unique background and personality that requires a unique and personalized approach. Laura is EMDR trained and incorporates this method of therapy with other therapeutic modalities based upon the needs of the client she is working with. Outside of work, Laura enjoys playing the piano, going to coffee shops, and spending time with her husband and dog. 


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