Morgan Renison Marta November 28, 2023

Morgan Renison, MSW

Case Manager | Kansas

Morgan Renison

Case Manager [Kansas]

Morgan Renison, MSW

Morgan has served her communities as certified as a peer support specialist, liaison, volunteer and advocate in Wyoming, Colorado and now Kansas.  While completing her educational journey for bachelor’s in psychology at the University of Wyoming she was led to the University of Denver in Colorado Social work program specializing in Mental Health and Trauma and is currently working to obtain her Licensure to become a therapist within her new Kansas community. Throughout her academic career Morgan has built bridges within the communities of homelessness, addictions, domestic violence, and child trauma services.  Soon after moving to Kansas, she completed her master’s in social work specifically focused on Mental Health and Trauma through the University of Denver Colorado. Morgan is currently working to obtain her Licensure to become a therapist within her community to better provide care to those in need. She holds great empathy and compassion when working with those seeking services as she strives to help heal not only the internal narratives of those, I need but also external environmental factors that follow mental illness and disorders.  

After navigating several social systems and demographics from community based Multisystemic therapy to supervisor at Osawatomie State Hospital – Morgan has found her niche within Arista Recovery helping others navigate their way out of the darkness to a life of sobriety and success. 

Morgan’s passion for helping others conquer their darkness stems from personal experiences where hope seemed futile – now she serves as a beacon of hope to those who feel lost in their own darkness. In her spare time, Morgan enjoys caring for her two boys and animals, drawing, crafts, cooking and simply living within the silver linings. 


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