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Types of Therapies

CBT Therapy in Kansas City

Cognitive behavioral therapy in Kansas City is a great solution if you are struggling with mental health disorders, negative thought patterns, harmful emotions, or addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you succeed throughout the course of your recovery.

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What is CBT?

CBT drug rehab in Kansas City is a type of therapy that helps you recognize automatic thoughts. Automatic thoughts, as the name suggests, are those thoughts that immediately come to mind in a given situation.

For many people, these automatic thoughts are negative. Without proper cognitive behavioral therapy in Kansas City, the more you allow these negative automatic thoughts to occur unchecked, the more likely they are to build a pattern of harmful thoughts that come to your mind automatically and encourage harmful behavior.

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Is CBT Effective?

Yes, cognitive behavioral therapy in Kansas City is effective for most people. CBT has been used to treat a multitude of psychological problems by teaching individuals how to identify unhelpful thoughts and subsequent actions and then change those unhelpful thoughts and actions at their source.

It is particularly effective when used in conjunction with individual and group therapy during rehab. Over the course of rehab, individuals struggle with a lot of automatic thoughts, many of which are subconscious. Individuals struggling with addiction are more likely to quit a rehab program early or relapse immediately after graduation if they are struggling with unnecessary frustration, anger, depression, or despair.

Many of these emotions result from automatic thoughts. Learning skills in a cognitive behavioral therapy session to identify, control, and change these automatic thoughts can improve the likelihood of finishing rehab and staying sober long-term. 

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What is CBT Used to Treat?

CBT can be used for:

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What Does a CBT Session Entail?

During your Kansas City cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, you can expect three types of sessions which may span multiple weeks or months each, depending on the length of your recovery program.

During your first segment, which is usually no more than two therapy sessions, your therapist will guide you through the process of identifying problems and clarifying the relationship you have between what you think, how you feel, and how you act.

This is an important time for your Kansas City CBT therapist to explain the importance of cognitive behavioral therapy, how your sessions will build off one another, and what the general expectations should be.

For example, if you are participating in our residential treatment program for substance abuse, your therapist might explain that you should meet them in their office every time you see cognitive behavioral therapy on your schedule.

Note: CBT drug rehab in Kansas City can be individual or group therapy sessions. So you must understand whether you are participating in a one-on-one scenario or with a group of other people. 

During the second segment of your Kansas City CBT sessions, you’ll focus on recognizing negative thoughts and your automatic beliefs. These sessions might take between 3 and 10 weeks or even more, depending on your progress and the drug rehab program you have. During this time, you’ll refine problem-solving strategies so that you can learn to pause, identify when you are having automatic thoughts, and recognize if they are harmful or not. If they are harmful, you learn to apply active coping skills so that you can adjust them.

Types of Automatic Thoughts

There are many types of automatic thoughts that your therapist might help you recognize. Your therapist should also explain the problems with these automatic thoughts and why controlling them is important.


If you experience perfectionism, you might regularly feel anxious about the possibility of failing, keeping you from attempting to succeed..


Your Kansas City cognitive behavioral therapy sessions might help you recognize when you subconsciously apply labels to yourself or others. You might label yourself a drug addict then act based on this pre-existing label.

Jumping to conclusions:

You might find that you are prone to jumping to conclusions during your CBT drug rehab in Kansas City. This might mean that you see a missed call from your family members and automatically assume they are mad at you for something. Then you will allow these conclusions, however misdirected they might be, to dictate your thoughts. If you assume that your family is mad at you and you’re afraid of being reprimanded, you might avoid calling them back and eventually strain the relationship.

All or Nothing:

A good therapist with Kansas City CBT might help you recognize that you automatically believe that a relapse or a setback means you are doomed and that any setback along the road to recovery means that you are a complete failure and you shouldn’t even bother.

During the third segment of your cognitive behavioral therapy in Kansas City, you will learn to modify your automatic thoughts and work on relapse prevention. This segment  usually represents the final few sessions with your therapist. It might also involve an integrative support group where everyone meets to discuss different problem-solving strategies and how they can be applied to relapse prevention.

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Arista Recovery Offers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

At Arista, we provide top-notch cognitive behavioral therapy in Kansas City. With our programs, you can figure out how substance abuse has changed how you think and feel. Our CBT drug rehab in Kansas City can help you identify automatic thoughts and the emotional reactions they cause.

As you continue participating in cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, you’ll learn how to avoid frustration brought about by automatic thoughts like all-or-nothing thinking. You’ll learn how to control your emotional reactions because of automatic thinking, like jumping to conclusions. You’ll have the skills to avoid depression associated with automatic thoughts like all-or-nothing behavior, perfectionism, or labeling.

Most people are unaware of their automatic sauce and the impact those thoughts have on their emotional well-being. Our Kansas City cognitive behavioral therapy program is an integral part of our residential and outpatient treatments. A big part of our synergistic recovery program focuses on improving your emotional and mental health simultaneously with your physical health. 

If you are ready for help with your addiction, contact Arista Recovery today and learn about our addiction and dual diagnosis treatment in Kansas City

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