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Types of Therapies

Psychodrama Therapy in Kansas City

With Arista, we know that addiction treatment looks different for everyone. That is why we aim to incorporate a wide range of modalities and treatment types. One of these is psychodrama. Psychodrama is a more interactive form of treatment that falls under the umbrella of experiential therapies. Our Kansas City psychodrama therapy program might be a great fit if you are struggling with co-existing mental health disorders and addiction. 

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What is Psychodrama Therapy?

Psychodrama treatment in Kansas City is a form of experiential therapy and interactive talk therapy. It allows you to explore your mental and emotional issues by acting things out in a safe space.

A Kansas City psychodrama therapy program lets you openly express any conflicts you might have, relationship problems, or other concerns directly with a therapist and, potentially, other group members. 

Psychodrama was developed at the turn of the century and has been used as a popular therapeutic technique since 1925.

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How is Psychodrama Therapy Used in Addiction Treatment?

Psychodrama therapy in Kansas City is used predominantly in dual diagnosis care. During addiction treatment, if you participate in a Kansas City psychodrama therapy program, it is often to help treat an underlying mental health disorder like PTSD, trauma, anxiety, or depression.

The underlying principle of psychodrama therapy is that people sometimes better understand any behavioral or emotional issues they have through physical expression and creativity. The pursuit of acting things out can help you look at your situation from someone else’s perspective, identify your personal challenges, and find solutions to those challenges on your own.

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What Does Psychodrama Entail?

During a Kansas City psychodrama therapy program, you can expect to participate in each of your sessions under the direction of certified psychodramatists. These are licensed professional therapists with additional certifications in the field of psychodrama.

Most sessions are held every week, so you can expect to visit our facility (if you are in an outpatient program) or go to the associated room on campus (if you are in a residential care plan) during specifically designated times. Sessions are run by trained professionals and typically last for several hours at a time.

Psychodrama treatment in Kansas City can take the form of individual therapy or group therapy. The main difference is that group therapy will obviously involve other people, so any painful or traumatic events you act out will include other group members or be in front of other group members.

You might take turns with other group members acting out mental, behavioral, or emotional problems you have. Other group members can take on accompanying roles. If, for example, you are acting out a scene involving your family, you might have another group member portray your mother and your father. The director might leave the scene while other group members serve as the audience.

Psychodrama therapy sessions look very similar to a traditional acting class. Most of the time, your sessions might last for a few hours and be comprised of the following:

  1. The warm-up
  2. The action
  3. The sharing

During the warm-up, it’s a chance for everyone to get familiar with the environment, get to know one another, or greet one another if the classes have been ongoing. As things progress into the action face, you can tap into the things you want to share with the group and begin to act out events from your past. Finally, the sharing phase lets everyone reflect upon the things that were acted out during that session and look for ways to solve those interpersonal problems.

There are different techniques used for psychodrama therapy in Kansas City. 

Empty Chair

Some professionals will use a technique like the empty chair, where you sit in front of an empty chair and talk to that chair as though the person with whom you have an issue is sitting in front of you. That chair might represent an entire situation or yourself or an object in your past.


During other sessions, you might apply a mirroring technique where you explain your feelings or a particular situation, and then another member of your group acts it out for you. Here you get the chance to see the scene from a different perspective and perhaps gain insight. 

Role Reversal

Another popular technique is role reversal, where you might play the role of another person in your life with whom you have an interpersonal problem. This gives you a chance to better understand how your actions might have affected someone else, why someone else may have responded or acted the way they did, and so forth. This is a good technique for developing empathy.

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What Are the Benefits of Psychodrama Therapy?

Studies have found that psychodrama models can significantly reduce symptoms of PTSD by over 25%, particularly hyperarousal, avoidance, numbing, re-experiencing, and intrusion.

Patients who complete psychodrama therapy through a residential or inpatient rehab program have reported an overall increase in emotional safety, group cohesion, connection to others, and overall satisfaction.

Patients have described psychodrama treatment as helpful and enjoyable, particularly over other forms of talk therapy.

Research indicates that participation in psychodrama therapy for six months or longer showed a significant reduction in anxiety, improved social functioning, improved quality of life, and increased spontaneity compared to people who only received medication management for mental health disorders for the same length of time.

If you are worried about traditional talk therapy, we can help with our psychodrama treatment in Kansas City. 

Arista Recovery Offers Psychodrama Therapy in Kansas City

With Arista, you can participate in top-notch psychodrama treatment in Kansas City. Using a synergistic recovery plan, we aim to help people dealing with addiction and mental health issues express their emotions. Too often, people avoid sharing because they are afraid of rejection or judgment, but without sharing emotions, you can struggle with isolation and internal turmoil that makes it difficult to heal from emotional trauma.

Our sessions are designed to help you practice self-expression and gain comfort in opening up about your emotions and painful experiences in your past. You might learn how others have experienced similar setbacks and how they dealt with them. In a safe environment, you know that all members of your group and your therapy team are there to support you. 

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