90 Day Drug Rehab

90 days of addiction treatment can provide the healing and support needed for long-term recovery.

90 Day Drug Rehab

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90 Day Drug RehabPrograms

If you or someone close to you is struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders, you should consider participating in a 90-day drug rehab program. Midwest 90-day rehab uses a variety of therapies, 12-step programs, experiential treatment, and other activities with a structured setting, daily schedule, and long-term goals personalized to your needs. With any of our 90-day programs, we help you achieve sobriety, improve your interpersonal skills and self-esteem, and provide you with lifestyle skills and coping mechanisms.

Arista Recovery is a Midwest recovery center that can help you overcome addiction. Reach out to Arista Recovery to learn whether a 90-day drug rehab is right for you.

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What Does 90-Day Drug Rehab Look Like?

90-day addiction treatment can consist of inpatient care, outpatient care, or a combination.

Arista offers inpatient care at our Kansas City 90-day drug and alcohol rehab center. This is the highest level of care, and you reside at our facility overnight with all of your meals and services provided for you. We offer designated visiting schedules for close friends and family. This type of treatment is best for people with severe addictions and co-occurring mental health disorders who have the freedom to take three months off and live elsewhere full-time.

Midwest 90-day rehab can also be an outpatient program where you have more flexibility, you get to live at home, but you come to our Kansas City 90-day drug and alcohol rehab center during the day. These outpatient programs are the lowest level of care, designed for people with moderate symptoms or who have already completed some version of inpatient care.

Combinations consist of an inpatient stay and ongoing outpatient treatment. These can include combinations of 30-day residential treatment or a partial hospitalization program followed by intensive outpatient or traditional outpatient programs, equating to 90 days.

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Treatment Options at Arista

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Quit abusing drugs & alcohol at our safe & effective detox center that utilizes modern therapies.

outpatient rehab in overland park
Residential Inpatient

Our groundbreaking residential inpatient program was designed for individual treatment.

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It is not uncommon for individuals recovering from alcohol and drug use substance to have a mental health diagnosis.

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Family Programs

Arista Recovery offers a family program to help the loved ones of our guests on the road to recovery.

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MAT is the use of medication in combination with evidence based addiction therapy.

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Our intensive outpatient and outpatient programs offer affordable, flexible options.

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At this time we are unable to accept Medicaid & Medicare plans.

Who Needs a 90-Day Drug Rehab Program?

People with severe symptoms of addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders benefit the most from attending our 90-day drug and alcohol rehab center. Similarly, people at risk for self-harm or harm to others and requiring constant supervision should consider long-term residential programs.

The decision to choose a 90-day program that’s inpatient, outpatient, or a combination is completely personal. However, we can help you decide which level of care might offer the highest chance of long-term success.

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Treatment Goals for 90-Day Drug Rehab Program

We personalize treatment goals to your needs. For longer programs, this includes short-term and long-term goals.

For example, with a lengthier treatment program, you can start with individual goals of initial sobriety, addiction education, and coping mechanisms before adding family therapy and interactions with loved ones to your long-term goals.

Like your rehab program, your treatment goals will contain a personalized approach. No single treatment approach works for everyone, just as not everyone benefits most from 90-day versus 30-day inpatient treatment. With Arista, you get improved effectiveness in your 90-day program because we take into account many other facets of life.

Your treatment for substance abuse is more successful if it includes treatment for other life problems associated with addiction, like family relationships, addiction education, stress management, and sober activities.

Clients who get individual therapy sessions, one-on-one, see increased opportunities to discuss the characteristics of their addiction, what the treatment process looks like, and what personal changes can be made during recovery and after leaving our facility.

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Our Model

Historically, treatment has been divided into the medical or physical and psychological models, one for substance abuse and the other for mental health disorders. With Arista, we merge the medical components with the psychological and integrate sociocultural models into our treatment programs.

This means we account for any genetic or biological causes of addiction. We start with detox, providing medication or medication-assisted treatment to help alleviate your withdrawal symptoms and get you clean and sober. 

From there, we focus on any underlying mental health disorders, maladaptive emotional functioning, or learning processes that may have contributed to your addiction. To overcome this, we provide behavioral therapy and other psychotherapy daily.

We also highlight the importance of social networks, fellowship, and a supportive living environment. Things like family therapy can provide actionable information for family members on how to create a sober, supportive home environment. Participation in group activities like wilderness therapy, equine therapy, or horticultural therapy can give you a social network of like-minded people in recovery.

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A 90-day drug rehab program should be a comfortable, pleasant opportunity for permanent change. That is why our facility takes you away from the traditional therapy setting of a sterile room with a chalkboard and grounds you in a comprehensive program that targets all aspects of who you are and who you can be. 

We offer a range of therapies, including:

  • Experiential therapy
  • Family therapy
  • One-on-one individual therapy
  • Art therapy

Not only do you get access to multiple types of modalities during your treatment process, but you also have the opportunity to participate in a range of recreational activities like hiking or yoga, as well as movie theater nights and offsite activities.

Our 90-day drug and alcohol rehab programs prepare you for life after treatment with ongoing medical and clinical assessments, educational groups about addiction and mental health, comprehensive discharge planning, and alumni programs in which you can participate.

We will conduct a brief assessment or initial evaluation to determine whether a 90-day treatment program is best for you. This evaluation helps us clarify your physical and mental health information to make our recommendation. We might ask you about things like:

  • What substances you have used
  • How long you have used
  • Whether you have tried drug and alcohol rehab in the past, and if so, which programs
  • Any history of relapse
  • Your mental health history
  • Any medications you are on
  • Your physical health

We use this information to provide a recommendation for you. If we suspect you have co-occurring mental health disorders, we might recommend specialized dual diagnosis treatment with family therapy, continued follow-up, and relapse prevention.

We might recommend in-depth specialized treatment if we notice severe substance abuse-related problems or at-risk behavior.

Note: After completing a 90-day program, continued care might be recommended through outpatient treatment.

With Arista Recovery, we promise you the best in everything, including the best treatment, professionals, facilities, and care. 

  • We offer the best class of customer service and amenities, not just to you but to your family. 
  • We offer the best standard of care for all levels of treatment at our facility.
  • We offer the best respect and dignity to clients, family members, and staff. 

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Our Unique Therapies

Explore our innovative approach to addiction treatment in Kansas at Arista Recovery. From evidence-based therapies to holistic and experiential methods, we offer an immersive experience that works to treat the root causes of substance abuse our our full continuum treatment programs. 


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