Dr. Rohit Saha M.D.

Medical Director  | Kansas

Dr. Rohit Saha MD

Medical Director [Kansas]

Dr. Rohit Saha M.D.

Dr. Saha is a medical physician with training and experience in general adult psychiatry, addiction psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry. He attended the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Medicine for his medical school, then completed his training in both general adult psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Dr. Saha’s experiences both personally and during his education fostered his desire to work with individuals who struggle with addiction. He participates in support groups serving members of the health care field with a history of addiction, facilitates outreach programs engaging members of rural communities, and has a special interest in improving the awareness of mental health for culturally diverse communities. Among all the available specialties he could choose from as a physician, he finds his true sense of passion and dedication working in mental health. He is dedicated towards serving his community and committed to providing the best quality of care for all his patients. In his free time, Dr. Saha enjoys cooking, playing a variety of musical instruments, and spending time with his newly born baby boy.


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