Jamie Felton

Community Outreach Coordinator

Jamie Felton

Community Outreach Coordinator

Jamie Felton

Jamie has been working professionally in the addiction treatment field for over 8 years. She is also a person in long term recovery. Jamie has spent most of her adult life in the Kansas City area, and is where she raised her two sons Jack and Sam. Her sons struggled with substance use disorders. In May of 2019 Jack was found deceased from a heroin overdose in Colorado. Sam is 21 and has 18 months of sobriety.

Jamie understands what each of our clients and their families are going through. She has found that speaking with family members who have a loved one struggling with addition or families who have lost a loved one is very healing for them and her. Jamie’s desire to help others, even in the darkest moments is where she has found purpose.

Jamie received her bachelor degree in psychology from the University of Kansas. She has worked in sales and marketing roles previously but the work that is most important to her, is working one on one with individuals and families. Jamie spends her spare time at One City Cafe, volunteering to provide free meals to those in need. She also volunteers at various places spreading the message of recovery.

Jamie knows there is hope: hope for change; hope for sobriety; hope for a beautiful fulfilling life; and hope for peace.


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