Meghan Cubbison

Case Manager | Kansas

Meghan Cubbison

Case Manager [Kansas]

Meghan Cubbison

Meghan is a lifelong resident in Franklin County, Kansas. She graduated in 2021 with a Bachelors of Science in Applied Psychology, with a concentration in Criminal Psychology. She comes to Arista Recovery from a previous case management position working in adolescent mental health for the Elizabeth Layton Center for 2 years post-grad.

Meghan chose to pursue a career in mental health after personally growing up to witness the impact that mental health professionals can have on the lives of those they serve through educating and understanding others on the effects of mental illnesses. While Meghan is new to the world of working in Substance Use Treatment, she is consistently researching and spending added hours reading and learning more in order to better serve the clients of Arista Recovery. She has grown a deeper interest in combining her mental health background to educational group sessions where clients work on self acceptance and compassion. As a case manager, Meghan works closely with the clients and their families in order to coordinate services and resources both during and after their residential stay.

Overall, Meghan enjoys showing clients that they are capable of finding an identity outside their addictions. She has grown fond of sharing her love of art, creativity, and self care with clients who have possibly never made time for such things. When she’s not on site, Meghan enjoys spending time outdoors with her fiancé, where more likely than not they are probably hammocking.


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