Affordable Self-Pay Options

Arista offers several payment options if you have no insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover cost of treatment, including self-pay.

Self-Pay Options

Understanding the Cost of Rehab

The cost of addiction treatment can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the the duration of the program and the levels of care that you choose. Arista Recovery is in-network with multiple insurances that will make this cost significantly lower if you have them. Despite the potential financial challenges, investing in drug rehab is an invaluable step towards recovery, offering individuals the opportunity to regain control of their lives and break free from the cycle of addiction.

Treatment Cost Factors

Coats vary for services, depending on the needs of our clients. Speak to one of our specialists to discover which services are the best fit for you.

Prices for these services and others vary due to varying costs, from overnight lodging to the number of medical professionals you’re surrounded by. We want you treated by the best. That’s why we compiled a knowledgeable, trusting, empathic team.

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The Cost of Addiction

How much do you spend daily? How about weekly? Think about how much you spend every month on your addiction? Would these funds be better invested in eliminating the issues that lead to trying times?

Help for Myself

Our caring team is standing by day or night ready to help you begin your journey to long-term recovery.

Help for Loved One

We can help you and your loved one in finding recovery as a family unit with our innovative program.

A simple & easy same-day admissions process.

If you’re reading this, your path to a new you have already started. Now you just must continue. Contact us to get the help you deserve. Are you seeking treatment for yourself or for a loved one? Let’s schedule a pre-assessment to discover if Arista Recovery is a good fit for you or a loved one. We can check your insurance benefits confidentiality to determine cost and if your policy covers treatment. If needed, we can discuss your financial situation to look at what you can and can’t afford and the price of our treatment facility. Our main goal is to help you or a loved one find recovery to Live Free, Live Today!


Reach out to our caring admissions team via phone, text or webform.


We will do a free verification of benefits to ensure your coverage options.


We will do a quick confidential pre-screen to ensure we are a fit for you.


We will schedule transportation and your intake at Arista Recovery.

Paying for Treatment



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