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Types of Therapies

Sand Tray Therapy in Kansas City

If you or someone you love is struggling to find rehab, you might need unconventional talk therapy. Many people who have been unsuccessful at rehab have struggled with the intimacy and emotional expression of their past during traditional talk therapy. Traditional settings where you sit in a room facing a stranger and discuss your deepest emotions don’t work for everyone. 

Thankfully, some alternatives involving a therapist and talk therapy are more engaging and hands-on. Sand tray therapy is one example. With sand tray therapy, you might find yourself more at ease with your therapist while expressing yourself creatively and taking control over painful past events. 

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What is Sand Tray Therapy?

Kansas City sand tray drug rehab is a form of talk therapy. However, where traditional talk therapy has you sit in a room across from a therapist and talk through sometimes painful memories, Kansas City sand tray immersion is a much different, hands-on approach. It can be used to treat:

  • Trauma
  • ADHD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Autism
  • Learning disorders
  • Substance abuse disorders

Sand tray therapy in Kansas City is an intervention technique that helps you to develop more autonomy while still building a collaborative relationship with therapists. 

Sand tray therapy involves a sand tray that you can play with, moving figurines like small people or trees or using your imagination to pretend. Any tools or toys used in the sand tray therapy sessions are specific to you, chosen by the therapist to help you express yourself and demonstrate aspects of your thoughts and emotions. 

Arista Recovery uses an innovative sand room and life-size figurines to provide a unique treatment experience. 

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Explore our innovative approach to addiction treatment in Kansas at Arista Recovery. From evidence-based therapies to holistic and experiential methods, we offer an immersive experience that works to treat the root causes of substance abuse our our full continuum treatment programs. 


What Are the Benefits of Sand Tray Therapy?

Kansas City sand tray drug rehab is a form of talk therapy. It has many benefits, depending on how it is used. 

It can be difficult for people to be vulnerable with a therapist and express themselves openly. This difficulty is increased when the issues about which the client speaks are painful or distressing events in their past. For some, Kansas City sand tray addiction treatment offers a more comfortable environment. 

While participating in sand tray therapy in Kansas City, adults struggling with substance abuse and/or mental health disorders can talk about events in their past that are painful while feeling more at ease, playing with sand or toys in a sand tray. 

Playing with a sand tray can be meditative. This activity is conducive to relaxation. It is not a hard cognitive task, nor is it a mind-numbing task. The nature of playing in the sand, raking the sand, or moving tools around in the sand can put people at ease who are otherwise stressed. This is particularly useful during rehab when you might feel physically or mentally agitated from withdrawal symptoms or cravings. 

Kansas City sand tray immersion is hands-on. Being able to actively participate in a hands-on experience during therapy can reduce cortisol levels (stress hormones), anxiety, depression, and more. It can also help foster a stronger bond of trust between the client and therapist. 

Kansas City sand tray addiction treatment offers a chance to be creative during your sessions. When you meet for sand tray therapy, you are participating in a more creative form of talk therapy. If your therapist for Kansas City sand tray drug rehab uses a humanistic approach to your sessions, then you can use the creative play in the sand tray to help solve problems on your own. Each time you do this, you increase your independence and self-esteem. 

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What Does Sand Tray Therapy Entail?

You can expect to meet your therapist in the sand tray space during a Kansas City sand tray drug rehab session. For some facilities, this is an outdoor space; for others, an indoor space. Once there, your therapist will guide you through different techniques to help you talk through painful conscious or unconscious memories. The therapist will take notes on the things that happen or are said and then use that information to give you a debrief on your progress at the end of the sessions. 

During a session, your therapist might give you an assortment of small toys or tools with which you can build your world in the sand tray. This world will come to reflect your subconscious mind and imagination. This is a very common technique used during Kansas City sand tray immersion. 

During your session, a therapist might encourage you to play with the sand as you learn to express your thoughts and feelings. For many adults, this can prove much more fruitful over the world approach simply because open communication, vulnerability, and intimacy are challenging. When you have a sand tray where you can play or distract yourself, you free your mind to find answers to your problems independently, with a therapist just there as a guide. Sometimes adults are able to express thoughts and emotions more effectively during such a session compared to traditional talk therapy. 

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Are There Adult Sand Tray Therapy Programs?

Yes! With facilities like Arista, you can find Kansas City sand tray drug rehab only for adults. While many people associate sand tray therapy programs with children, there are ample adult programs too. 

You can start your Kansas City sand tray immersion experience with Arista Recovery. 

Is Sand Tray Therapy Right For Me?

If you struggle with traditional talk therapy and need to be more hands-on, this might be a great treatment option. 

  1. Sand tray therapy in Kansas City can help those who struggled with abuse or assault in childhood return to those experiences and control the emotions associated with them. 
  2. Kansas City sand tray immersion can be helpful in treating PTSD.
  3. You might consider using sand tray therapy for co-occurring substance abuse and anxiety disorders. 

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Arista Recovery Offers a Unique Sand Tray Therapy Program in Kansas City

Arista has a unique Kansas City sand tray addiction treatment program. Instead of a small sand tray, we have a dedicated room that is a lifesize sandbox. In that room, you can safely work through painful conscious or unconscious memories with a therapist while playing, using figurines, or just raking the sand. 

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