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Thousands of people in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and greater Muskogee County need help with substance problems. However, only roughly 16% of those affected get that help. This unfortunate statistic stands in sharp contrast to the effectiveness of modern drug and alcohol treatment. This treatment makes stable recovery achievable for people from all walks of life.

Are you looking for modern addiction services that are convenient to residents of Muskogee? Talk to the specialists at Arista Recovery. We feature a combined approach to drug and alcohol rehab. This approach takes full advantage of today’s frontline, evidence-based treatment options. It also provides the added benefits of a variety of experiential therapies. The result for you is comprehensive, personalized care supporting your full return to wellness.

Arista Recovery is a Midwest recovery center that offers comprehensive treatment. Contact us today to learn more about how our full continuum addiction treatment center can help you overcome substance abuse.

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Evidence-Based Care at a Muskogee Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Evidence-based care gets its name because it’s based on extensive, high-quality research efforts. These efforts must show that a given treatment is generally effective for most individuals seeking treatment for drug or alcohol abuse. In other words, it works for most people who meet the criteria for receiving it. Three primary forms of evidence-based care are used to help people with diagnosable substance problems:

Supervised detoxification, or detox, is the foundation of effective alcohol and drug rehab near Muskogee. That’s true because it’s where you:

  • Cease your drug or alcohol use
  • Go through your last experience of intoxication as your system starts to clear
  • Get help for the withdrawal symptoms likely to occur when people affected by addiction quit drinking or taking drugs

Much of the help you receive in detox is supportive. The goal is to keep you stable and as comfortable as possible as your withdrawal symptoms arise, peak, and fade away. You may also receive medication designed to make specific symptoms easier to tolerate. Effective detox is always based on the form of addiction affecting you. It also takes the many unique details of your situation into account.

After detox, treatment centers help clients to build on their newly sober state and help make it durable enough to last over time. The number one resource for active Muskogee addiction treatment is psychotherapy. Therapy is so widely used because it can support your recovery in many different kinds of ways. Known benefits of the various available forms of this treatment include:

  • Increasing your motivation to meet the goals outlined in your recovery plan
  • Helping you understand how addiction warps your thoughts, emotions, and behavior
  • Showing you how to create healthier mental and behavioral habits
  • Giving you practical methods of coping with your substance urges in everyday life
  • Helping you develop a support network of recovery peers

Medication may also be included in your active treatment plan at a Muskogee drug and alcohol rehab center. It’s imperative if you’re recovering from an addiction to:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription opioids medication
  • An opioid street drug like heroin

Addiction medication may serve any of several purposes. There are options designed to help correct addiction-related chemical imbalances in your brain. You may also need medication to help reduce your cravings for alcohol or opioids. In addition, there are options that interfere with the typical euphoric effects of these substances. 

Therapy and medication often go together. The combination of these two evidence-based methods has a specific name: medication-assisted treatment (MAT). 

Want to know more about evidence-based detox and active treatment? Consult the specialists at Arista Recovery today. 

Experiential Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Muskogee

Today’s rehab specialists understand that a full recovery requires more than addressing your addiction symptoms. It also relies on supporting and improving your overall sense of well-being. Various secondary treatment options can potentially fill this important supporting role. These options are sometimes classified as integrative, complementary, or alternative. Many of them qualify as forms of experiential therapy. 

Experiential therapy is named for its hands-on approach. It requires you to directly engage your body in the treatment process. In this way, it can help you heal in ways that don’t rely solely on verbal communication. This list of possible experiential options includes:

  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Equine therapy and other forms of animal-assisted therapy
  • Drama therapy
  • Gardening or horticultural therapy
  • Wilderness therapy

Experiential therapies don’t replace the core treatments in your frontline recovery plan. Instead, they add an extra, holistic benefit to those treatments. 

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Inpatient Treatment

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Outpatient Treatment

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Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Settings

Addiction can manifest in a variety of ways. Depending on your situation, you may be:

  • Mildly affected (with two or three symptoms of a substance use disorder)
  • Moderately affected (with four or five symptoms)
  • Severely affected (with six or more symptoms)

No single treatment setting is appropriate for recovery from such a wide range of potential effects. For this reason, rehab services are provided in several different settings, including:

  • Outpatient programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs)
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs)
  • Residential inpatient programs

Each of these programs corresponds with a specific level of recovery support. Your treatment team will help you determine which of them is required to maximize your rehab success. Talk to us today to find out more details on the criteria for our inpatient and outpatient options.



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Our Unique Therapies

Explore our innovative approach to addiction treatment in Kansas at Arista Recovery. From evidence-based therapies to holistic and experiential methods, we offer an immersive experience that works to treat the root causes of substance abuse our our full continuum treatment programs. 


Dual Diagnosis Treatment in a Muskogee Rehab Program

Dual diagnosis is common to people in drug and alcohol rehab. It occurs when you’re also affected by an additional mental health issue, such as:

  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • An anxiety disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • ADHD

A dual-diagnosis treatment plan is more extensive than a typical addiction treatment plan. The extra help is needed to fully promote your overall recovery. To find out more about Arista’s customized plans, consult us today. 

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Sober Living as a Follow-Up to Your Time in Rehab

Going straight from substance treatment to your everyday life can be difficult. You may not be ready yet to face all of the pressures of your previous routine. If so, it’s time to consider enrolling in a sober living program. Programs of this type provide substance-free housing accommodations that allow you to:

  • Make a more gradual transition between rehab and home life
  • Take advantage of a community of supportive peers whose situations are similar to yours
  • Keep your risks for a substance relapse in check

Benefits such as these may be key factors in both your short- and long-term abstinence efforts. 

Have questions about sober living programs and their many potential benefits? The friendly experts at Arista Recovery are standing by to answer them.


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You’ll find this kind of full-spectrum support at Arista Recovery. With our help, you can meet all your milestones for substance detox and active treatment. You can also transition back to everyday life at the best pace for you. We’re dedicated to your success, no matter the starting point of your recovery journey. To begin that journey, contact us today.

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