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Types of Therapies

Group Therapy in Kansas City

If you are struggling with addiction, a key element of most rehab programs is group therapy. Group therapy is essential for overcoming feelings of isolation, finding social support, starting a routine, and participating in sober activities.

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What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy in Kansas City is any type of psychotherapy or support group where multiple people participate in a similar environment. With a drug rehab group therapy program, you participate in support groups in Kansas City with other people struggling with addition, meeting in a supportive, safe environment.

Group therapy differs from individual psychotherapy in that multiple people are involved in the same session, so it’s not just you and a therapist one-on-one.

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Our Unique Therapies

Explore our innovative approach to addiction treatment in Kansas at Arista Recovery. From evidence-based therapies to holistic and experiential methods, we offer an immersive experience that works to treat the root causes of substance abuse our our full continuum treatment programs. 


What Are the Types of Recovery Groups?

You will find multiple types of recovery groups in Kansas City, all of which fall under the category of group therapy.

  1. Firstly, you might participate in our educational programs that help you better understand substance abuse, what the risk factors are, what the potential triggers are, and how to maintain sobriety. You can also participate in educational programs that focus on mental health. This is particularly important for people who are struggling with coexisting substance abuse and mental health disorders.
  2. Other types of recovery groups in Kansas City include group courses where you focus on skill development. These group courses might include things like:
      1. Stress management
      2. Coping skills
      3. Lifestyle skills, especially for those transitioning from residential rehab programs to outpatient programs
      4. Vocational advancement skills
      5. Educational advancement skills
  3. Some group therapy in Kansas City is similar to individual therapy modalities but involves multiple people. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one such example. You might participate in a cognitive behavioral therapy course or a dialectical behavioral therapy course where you work in groups to change your underline thought patterns that may contribute to substance abuse.
  4. Support groups in Kansas City take many forms, but most people participate in Narcotics Anonymous  or Alcoholics Anonymous in order to recognize excuse-making and bad behavior and facilitate constructive change moving forward. This is something you might participate in not only during your recovery program but long after you graduate.
  5. Sometimes group therapy in Kansas City takes the form of family therapy, where you involve your loved ones in your recovery. This is very beneficial for people with a history of drug abuse or whose family members suffered because of decisions made while using drugs or alcohol.
  6. Psychotherapy groups like interpersonal groups or therapy groups help you work with professionals in a group setting to rethink what parts of your life or your actions may have contributed to addiction.
  7. In some cases, group therapy in Kansas City takes the form of more holistic modalities like horticultural therapy, hiking or wilderness therapy, music therapy, or yoga.

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What Are the Benefits of Group Therapy For Substance Abuse?

Group therapy in Kansas City brings multiple benefits. If you are struggling with substance abuse, a drug rehab group therapy program is usually a requirement in addition to individual psychotherapy. There are many reasons for this.

Group therapy helps you reduce feelings of isolation. Feelings of isolation can often lead to depression or anxiety and are some of the most common experiences among people in rehab. But recovery groups in Kansas City can help you recognize that you aren’t nearly as isolated as you think, and in fact, there are plenty of people who are struggling to maintain their sobriety or recover from addiction, just like you.

Participation in any drug rehab group therapy program helps you cope with the difficult parts of recovery because you get to see how other people have struggled similarly. You might see the way other people have let down their families or been encouraged to abuse drugs by their families and realize you aren’t the only one. 

Different speakers lead many different support groups in Kansas City at each meeting, so the more meetings you attend, the more information you can get about individual challenges in recovery and how different speakers have grown by applying skills they learned in rehab or since rehab.

Given that group therapy can include holistic modalities, you get to increase your socialization during the course of your substance abuse treatment and long after. This increased socialization helps you build a network of supportive friends who can help you stay on the right path, give you advice when you need it, and participate in sober activities with you.

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Is Group Therapy Right For Me?

Group therapy programs offer a wide range of benefits. Support groups can provide positive peer pressure to help you avoid a relapse in the future and encourage you to apply the coping mechanisms or stress management skills you have learned. There are many types of recovery groups in Kansas City, making it easy to find a form of group therapy you prefer.

Some support groups in Kansas City can help you find rewarding sober activities that you can carry on with after you leave a rehab center. If you participate in something like hiking or yoga during your residential treatment plan, you can integrate community-operated yoga classes or local hiking group activities into your daily life long after rehab. 

Participating in these types of support groups in Kansas City during your rehab program means you create a network of sober friends who might be equally interested in continuing participation in the community-operated versions after graduation.

There is so much flexibility in group therapy in Kansas City that it is likely to benefit everyone. 

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Arista Recovery Offers Addiction Treatment GroupTherapy in Kansas City

At Arista, we use a synergistic recovery program that involves multiple holistic modalities. We offer hiking in groups, group yoga classes, horticultural therapy, and more. These overlapping modalities or therapy programs provide holistic group therapy in Kansas City, allowing you to participate in group activities or group settings, encourage your self-esteem and socialization, and find sober activities that are rewarding.

When you participate in any of our rehab programs, we ensure you are prepared for what comes next. A big part of that involves discharge planning and finding local support groups where you can continue participation in group therapy. Arista can help you locate ongoing support groups in Kansas City once you complete one of our residential, partial hospitalization, or outpatient programs.

At Arista, we emphasize family integration in our recovery programs. So when you participate in our drug rehab group therapy program, we suggest you bring your family for weekend visits and group therapy sessions. In these situations, the group therapy doesn’t involve other patients at the rehab clinic but instead involves your family or close friends. These recovery groups in Kansas City can give those close to you a chance to participate in your recovery, gain education and understanding of addiction, and help you in the most appropriate and supportive ways during your recovery. 

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