Intensive Outpatient Program

Our intensive outpatient programs in Kansas City addresses addiction and co-occurring disorders for those who do not require detox or 24/7 care.

Intensive Outpatient

Intensive Outpatient in Kansas City

There are many ways to get treatment when struggling with addiction; and not all treatment plans are the same.

At Arista Recovery, we offer different levels of care to help everyone find the right program for their circumstances and goals. By working with us at our Kansas City IOP, you can learn more about what led to your addiction, what coping skills you can apply to avoid a relapse, and what tools you need to have in place to live a life of purpose.

Our Midwest recovery center is here to help you recover. Our unique therapies, experienced staff, and compassionate values are designed to help support long-term recovery.

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The Benefits of Attending an IOP

There are numerous advantages for attending an  intensive outpatient program in Kansas City. There are stages of treatment for a purpose, and to skip one or another could be unfavorable toward patient’s recovery success. IOPs offer an important step between being at a center all day throughout the week and being independent at home, or sober living, while only receiving general outpatient and aftercare services.

Benefits to choosing an intensive outpatient program:

An IOP gives you ongoing therapeutic support, but with fewer restrictions than partial or residential hospitalization. With an intensive outpatient program in Kansas City, you participate in a part-time schedule of therapy rather than a full-time schedule. This is a great option for people who still need to accommodate family obligations and school or work schedules.

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Treatment Options at Arista

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Quit abusing drugs & alcohol at our safe & effective detox center that utilizes modern therapies.

outpatient rehab in overland park
Residential Inpatient

Our groundbreaking residential inpatient program was designed for individual treatment.

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It is not uncommon for individuals recovering from alcohol and drug use substance to have a mental health diagnosis.

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Family Programs

Arista Recovery offers a family program to help the loved ones of our guests on the road to recovery.

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MAT is the use of medication in combination with evidence based addiction therapy.

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Our intensive outpatient and outpatient programs offer affordable, flexible options.

Find Out Your Coverage Options

Most major insurance plans can help cover up to 100% of the cost of treatment at Arista Recovery. Fill out our free insurance benefits form now and get started on your journey to long-term healing. You deserve it.

At this time we are unable to accept Medicaid & Medicare plans.

What to Expect at an IOP in Kansas City

The day-to-day treatment schedule is not as intensive and comprehensive as an inpatient program or a PHP. In IOP, patients will work with an individual therapist, who is likely a case manager, as well as a variety of group therapists. Several types of therapy will be offered.  Clients have a daily schedule that typically consists of three to four hours of treatment.

Each individual will focus on unique treatment goals and prepare to step down into aftercare.

Arista Recovery’s intensive outpatient program in Kansas City gives you a high level of service and participation in dozens of treatment options. Your participation can last for months if that’s what you need. 

Intensive outpatient programs have higher structure and therapy requirements compared to traditional outpatient. You get significantly more interaction and education than outpatient treatment offers. You can expect to participate in therapy programs that give you a wide range of coping skills, help you prepare to live a fulfilling future, and cultivate support and compassion from the staff around you.

IOPs have different therapies, modalities, and schedules based on your needs. Each facility is different, so it’s best to reach out to places like Arista directly to see the flexibility in scheduling and modalities.

Is IOP Right for Me?

Intensive outpatient programs are designed for those who do not need a high level of care. These recovering individuals are almost ready to be back out in the “real world” without the need to attend a treatment center most days of the week.

Some people have certain obligations that they can’t be away from and inpatient treatment is not appropriate for them. In these cases, PHP or IOP are great options.

Those seeking an IOP should have a stable and healthy home environment, outside support, attend a 12-step program, and have enjoyed progress at a higher level of care or need a boost from general outpatient support.

If any of those descriptions sound like you— give us a call to discuss the alternatives to inpatient treatment.

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At Arista Recovery, the intensive outpatient program is one of the first steps we offer to clients who have a handle on addictions and started their journey to recovery.

Those approved for IOP will attend treatment centers for morning or evening sessions. During this time, patients will meet with individuals and group therapists, work alongside other clients to discuss struggles, goals, and aftercare plans, as well as learn new skills. There is power in groups, and many patients benefit from relating to peers in a safe and private environment.

Discharge meetings occur when it has been determined by a patient’s treatment team that the patient has satisfied treatment goals and are ready for aftercare. IOPs typically lasts around 90 days.


Our Unique Therapies

Explore our innovative approach to addiction treatment in Kansas at Arista Recovery. From evidence-based therapies to holistic and experiential methods, we offer an immersive experience that works to treat the root causes of substance abuse our our full continuum treatment programs. 


Why Choose ARISTA ?

Paying for Intensive Outpatient

The specific cost of IOP is contingent on insurance coverage and other factors.

The most influential factors affecting the cost of substance abuse programs are:

Experiencing an intensive outpatient program is well worth the time, effort, and financial investment.

Our Premiere Intensive Outpatient Program In Kansas City

Arista recovery is a comprehensive Kansas City intensive outpatient program. Our proprietary method involves half a dozen modalities in addition to traditional individual and group therapy sessions. We focus heavily on integrating movement and physical activity into your recovery so you can say goodbye to the boring, sterile classrooms and folding metal chairs you might expect in rehab.

Arista Recovery is a Midwest drug and alcohol rehab center, offering outpatient rehab programs in Johnson County. Let Arista help you find the right rehab program in Kansas City

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Frequently Asked Questions About Intensive Outpatient

In an intensive outpatient program, clients attend just a few hours each day for a few days a week, depending upon needs. This allows clients to be able to get back to daily functions and activities such as working more hours, getting involved in support groups, finding a mentor, reconnecting with supportive family members and friends, etc. Being in IOP also provides clients the opportunity to start utilizing the coping skills, life skills, and career skills they learned during treatments.

Those approved for an intensive outpatient program will attend the treatment center either for morning or evening sessions. During this time, patients will meet with individual and group therapists, work alongside other patients to discuss struggles, goals, and aftercare plans, as well as learn new skills. Psychoeducation and addiction education are included in the daily schedule.

Intensive outpatient programs generally last around 90 days.

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