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Educational Therapy in Kansas City

There are many ways to find treatment for addiction, and addiction education therapy in Kansas City is one of them. Educational therapy can be a cornerstone to lasting recovery, but what does it involve, and what benefits does it provide?

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What is Educational Therapy?

If you have ever been injured or diagnosed with an illness, a doctor will typically explain what that illness is, why you have it, and how you treat it. A genetic condition might come with information on your risk factors and how to avoid a flare-up.

Educational therapy encompasses this type of explanation where you get information on a specific condition. It can be used for things like learning disorders, mental health disorders, substance abuse, and more. 

Kansas City addiction education therapy is one type of therapy that should be used in conjunction with a comprehensive treatment program. Substance abuse education therapy gives individuals educational resources to better understand:

  • What substance abuse is
  • What risk factors contribute to higher substance abuse rates 
  • What treatment exists
  • What steps are involved for long-term sobriety

Educational therapy can be used in various contexts, but no matter where it is applied, it serves to inform. The more information you have about substance abuse or mental health disorders, the more prepared you can be to combat them, understand risk factors, mitigate those risks in your life, and get the most appropriate treatment.

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Our Unique Therapies

Explore our innovative approach to addiction treatment in Kansas at Arista Recovery. From evidence-based therapies to holistic and experiential methods, we offer an immersive experience that works to treat the root causes of substance abuse our our full continuum treatment programs. 


How is Educational Therapy Used in Recovery?

Educational therapy in Kansas City can be used for adolescents through adults, and for specific groups like veterans or professionals. 

Education therapy is used in recovery to provide you with as much information as possible about addiction. This gives you access to substance abuse statistics. It provides information on individual substances and the risks associated with them. You gain access to education pertaining to treatment modalities so that you can better understand the role of your specific treatment plan in your recovery.

Your educational recovery plan might also cover the different causes of addiction so that you can gain insight into what may have contributed to your addiction in the first place.

Educational therapy can improve your long-term outcomes. If you educate yourself about your condition, you will have a higher chance of overcoming it. This is particularly important when considering that over 60% of people who complete a rehab program relapse within the first few months. Participating in our educational therapy programs in Kansas City can help you overcome or reduce this risk of relapse.

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What Are the Benefits of Educational Therapy?

There are many benefits to participating in educational therapy in Kansas City.

It is normal for people who reach out for help to feel anxious or worried about the recovery process. Undergoing any type of treatment can be a frightening process and takes a great deal of courage. Educational therapy can provide access to factual information about substance abuse and help encourage active thinking rather than unregulated emotional thinking. 

With Arista, our treatment plans include a great deal of continuous learning. Many of our holistic treatments, like horticultural therapy, equine therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, and others, are designed to give you lifelong skills to apply toward a fulfilling future of sobriety.

Our Kansas City addiction education therapy plays a big role in encouraging you to continually learn new information. The more you learn across a wide array of subjects, the more well-rounded you become, and the healthier your brain function will be. This serves as an essential step in your long-term sobriety.

Substance abuse education therapy also keeps you healthier. With our program, you learn a lot of overlapping information that can be applied to the other areas of care you receive.

For example:

  1. One aspect of addiction education therapy is appreciating exercise’s benefits in recovery. Physical movement brings with it mental and physical benefits that can empower you to overcome temporary feelings of discomfort associated with cravings or withdrawal symptoms and remain sober long-term. During your educational therapy, you’ll learn more about how this works and then be able to apply those skills to other holistic programs in your treatment plan, like yoga.
  2. Another aspect of our Kansas City addiction education therapy exposes you to the impact of good nutrition on your help. You will learn the role that food plays in a healthy mind and body and how the things that you eat and drink can hurt or harm you. You’ll be able to apply that knowledge to the lessons taught by our nutritional specialist and dietitian. You might even observe positive nutrition’s impact as you move through our residential program and enjoy healthy meals prepared onsite. 

At Arista, our educational therapy in Kansas City helps promote self-discovery. A key element of our recovery programs is to help you learn more about the things that contributed to your situation, your personal strengths and weaknesses, and your triggers. 

With educational therapy, you can learn more about the unique ways you might resist triggers or decrease your chance of self-medicating with drugs and alcohol for a mental health disorder. All of these elements contribute to your ability to stay sober long-term.

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Arista Recovery Offers Addiction Education Therapy in Kansas City

At Arista, our team works with you during your initial assessment to help determine the most appropriate treatment program. That program will include a combination of individual and group therapy and complementary holistic treatments, among which is addiction education therapy in Kansas City. 

With this type of treatment plan, you can understand the risk factors in your life that may have contributed to substance abuse and what actions, negative thoughts, or activities have since led to ongoing substance abuse. As part of your discharge treatment plan, you will learn how to avoid triggers when you return to a normal routine. 

In your Kansas City addiction education therapy plan, we will teach you the role that mental health plays in addiction, how to care for yourself mentally and physically, the role that proper nutrition and exercise place in reducing your risk of relapse, and much more.

Our educational therapy is designed to complement other types of treatment like discharge therapy, nutritional education, yoga classes, group therapy, and more. 

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