Inpatient Rehab

Arista Recovery offers a residential-type setting that provides the highest level of care, monitoring, and support.

Inpatient Rehab

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Inpatient Treatment in Kansas City

If you have tried a quick, more affordable outpatient program in the past with poor results, or you have a loved one struggling with a severe addiction in need of full-time supervision, it might be time to consider Kansas City inpatient drug and alcohol rehab. Sometimes called residential programs, inpatient drug rehab in Kansas City helps extract you from your daily environment and any ongoing stress or triggers in your home, placing you in a safe, supportive, and secluded rehab center.

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What Exactly is an Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab is a program that involves full-time therapy. During the course of your full-time treatment, you will live at the rehab clinic. You are typically not permitted to leave for the course of your rehab treatment. Certain facilities allow visitation in the form of family members on weekends or on designated family therapy days.

You may or may not have a private room, but you usually have at least one roommate. Meals are prepared for you and served at designated times during the day. When you wake up, you’ll have a full daily schedule involving different classes.

Every day might look a little different, but you’ll typically have some form of physical activity or exercise in the morning as well as group and individual therapy sessions, individual time for journaling or reflection, meal breaks, breaks in the afternoon for recreational purposes, additional therapy in the evenings, and a designated time for lights out.

7:30 AM
Wake Up
8:30 AM
9:30 AM
Individual Counseling
10:30 AM
Process Group
12:30 PM
2:00 PM
Alternative Therapies
4:00 PM
Free Time/Fitness
6:00 PM
7:30 PM
Group Discussion
8:30 PM
Free Time
10:00 PM
Lights Out

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Treatment Options at Arista

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Quit abusing drugs & alcohol at our safe & effective detox center that utilizes modern therapies.

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Residential Inpatient

Our groundbreaking residential inpatient program was designed for individual treatment.

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It is not uncommon for individuals recovering from alcohol and drug use substance to have a mental health diagnosis.

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Family Programs

Arista Recovery offers a family program to help the loved ones of our guests on the road to recovery.

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MAT is the use of medication in combination with evidence based addiction therapy.

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Our intensive outpatient and outpatient programs offer affordable, flexible options.

Find Out Your Coverage Options

Most major insurance plans can help cover up to 100% of the cost of treatment at Arista Recovery. Fill out our free insurance benefits form now and get started on your journey to long-term healing. You deserve it.

At this time we are unable to accept Medicaid & Medicare plans.

What the Difference Between Inpatient & Outpatient Rehab?

There are many differences between outpatient and inpatient drug rehabs.

  • You live at the facility with inpatient rehab, but with outpatient rehab, you get to live at home and visit the facility for your treatments.
  • Inpatient facilities provide all of your necessary services, including housekeeping and meal prep. You don’t have to do anything other than focus on yourself. With outpatient programs, you are responsible for yourself in every way, including transportation to and from your regular therapy sessions.
  • Inpatient services are more expensive because they provide so much more for you.
  • Kansas City inpatient drug and alcohol rehab starts with detox. Not all outpatient programs require you to start with detox at that facility and might instead help arrange for a quick detox at your local hospital.
  • Inpatient treatment usually lasts 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days during which time you have a full-time treatment schedule. By comparison, traditional outpatient programs only have you meet for a few hours every week.

It’s essential to recognize that many circumstances necessitate inpatient or residential drug rehab in Kansas City rather than outpatient. Too often, people pick outpatient treatment just because it seems shorter, less demanding, or more affordable.If you start with the wrong level of treatment, however, you will struggle with maintaining your sobriety much more.

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What to Look for in an Inpatient Rehab

What you look for in Kansas City inpatient drug and alcohol rehab will vary based on what is most important to you. For some people, price and insurance might be the most important factor, followed by amenities and modalities. For others, family integration and amenities are the most important.

Modalities should be one of the top concerns when evaluating different rehab centers. Modalities refer to the types of therapies offered. 

Traditional rehab centers might offer few options in the way of modalities, focusing primarily on individual psychotherapy and group meetings like 12-step programs. More advanced rehab centers will specialize in cognitive behavioral therapy for mental health issues, holistic practices like music therapy or horticultural therapy, and mindfulness exercises like yoga or meditation.


Everyone wants to be comfortable. Some facilities have a lot of amenities like outdoor activities, recreation rooms, swimming pools, or golf courses. Others have things like on-site dieticians and nutritionists who can prepare healthy and delicious meals for you throughout your program. Inpatient drug rehab in Kansas City can look different depending on your facility.


Social support should be an important factor in your decision. This social support can come from family integration, where your family participates in your rehab practices. For many people, this is an important step for long-term recovery because involving family helps to repair damaged relationships associated with substance abuse, improve communication, and give family members the tools they need to best support those in recovery.

Social support can also take the form of group activities, both on-campus and off-campus, and a supportive team of staff members  that get to know each person they are helping on an individual basis.

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What is the Importance of Finding an Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab to Fit My Needs?

As mentioned, Kansas City inpatient drug and alcohol rehab can look very different from one facility to the next. You should try to find one that best fits your needs.

  1. For starters, some substances can be hazardous when you try to detox. Complications from withdrawal symptoms can pose significant health risks, but with an appropriate inpatient facility, you can get things like medication-assisted treatment and medical supervision during detox. 
  2. There’s also the mental health consideration. Some people struggle with mental health disorders in addition to substance abuse disorders and need treatment for problems like depression or anxiety at the same time that they get treatment for substance abuse. If you don’t pick a facility that offers co-occurring disorder services or dual diagnosis treatment, you may end up focusing exclusively on your substance abuse and find yourself still struggling with the symptoms of mental health disorders after you get clean.

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Our Unique Therapies

Explore our innovative approach to addiction treatment in Kansas at Arista Recovery. From evidence-based therapies to holistic and experiential methods, we offer an immersive experience that works to treat the root causes of substance abuse our our full continuum treatment programs. 


Why Choose ARISTA ?

Arista Recovery is an Inpatient Rehab Center In Kansas City

Arista offers inpatient drug rehab in Kansas City on a secluded, 38-acre private property. With state-of-the-art amenities, you get spacious double-occupancy rooms with private bathrooms. 

Everyone needs a break now and again. The best way to take to heart the messages you receive during therapy is to have time for reflection, journaling, and relaxation. During your stay, you’ll have ample time to walk the grounds, exercise with our state-of-the-art gym, and entertain yourself in our recreation rooms or movie theater. We even offer off-site activities so you don’t feel trapped during the recovery.

Community and socialization are crucial to our residential drug rehab in Kansas City. You shouldn’t have to try your hand at rehab alone. That is why family therapy is such an essential part of our program. If you participate in residential treatment, you’ll have weekends when your family can visit you at our facility. We also can integrate family into some of your therapy sessions, giving everyone the chance to learn how drug use and recovery work and how best to support you.

Arista Recovery is a Midwest drug and alcohol rehab center, offering addiction treatment in Kansas City. Call Arista today to start your Kansas City inpatient drug and alcohol rehab.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Inpatient Rehab

The cost of inpatient rehab depends on insurance benefits, as well as the length of time a client is admitted.



Medicare covers the cost of inpatient alcohol and drug rehab, although there are treatment centers and types of treatment that may or may not be covered.



The length of stay for a client in inpatient rehab for drugs varies. Factors that influence the length of time in treatment include the severity of addiction, insurance coverage, and what the treatment team deems is appropriate for each individual.


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