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Tulsa Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Tulsa is Oklahoma’s second largest city, with boundaries that encompass parts of four separate counties. As is the case throughout the state, very few people living in these counties get the help they need for drug or alcohol problems. But the high percentage of untreated residents stands in contrast to one important fact. Namely, addiction specialists have a wide range of methods at their disposal to support effective substance recovery. You can take advantage of these methods in a well-designed rehab center.

Looking for a Tulsa drug and alcohol rehab center that follows best practices for addiction treatment? Turn to the specialists at Arista Recovery. We rely on a full range of primary and secondary treatment options to support recovery from all kinds of substance problems. We also have the expertise needed to help you overcome serious issues that often accompany addiction. 

Arista Recovery is a Midwest recovery center that offers comprehensive treatment. We offer inpatient treatment on a sprawling campus, as well as outpatient programs.  Contact us today to learn more about how our full continuum addiction treatment center can help you overcome substance abuse.

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Primary Care Options for Addiction Treatment in Tulsa

All modern rehab centers use a variety of methods to help you reach your short- and long-term sobriety goals. Some of these methods play a primary or leading role, while others typically play a secondary or supporting role. Today, there are two primary modes of addiction care:

In both of these areas, the methods used to promote your recovery are evidence-based. This means that they’re the products of high-quality research and clinical study. It also means that they provide much more reliable treatment benefits than methods that have not undergone scientific review.

Supervised detox is a vital part of successful addiction treatment. The oversight and guidance it provides helps you achieve some essential milestones for your eventual recovery. These notable achievements include:

  • Ending your current pattern of drinking or taking drugs
  • Moving from active intoxication to an initial, substance-free state
  • Properly preparing yourself for the next steps in your sobriety journey

You could attempt to undertake all of these actions on your own. But as a rule, DIY detox efforts are hit-or-miss and inefficient. And depending on your situation, they can also be physically risky. 

Evidence-based, supervised detox helps you avoid these kinds of pitfalls. Instead of making it harder to get your recovery underway, it makes it easier by:

  • Ensuring that you receive customized supportive care that suits your needs
  • Protecting your overall health as you go through the detox process
  • Providing treatment for any problems you experience on your way to initial sobriety

Once you complete detox and reach a substance-free state, you must actively work to maintain your sobriety. Much of the work you do will take place in sessions of one or more types of psychotherapy. Modern rehab psychotherapy typically focuses on three main addiction factors:

  • How you think about yourself and the world in everyday life
  • Your emotional responses to your experiences
  • The ways your habits of thought and emotional response influence your behavior

In each of these areas, certain habits are likely to reinforce your drug or alcohol problems. In contrast, there are habits that help weaken the grip of these problems. Therapy helps you understand the differences between helpful and hurtful mental and behavioral habits. It also helps you transform damaging patterns into patterns that support well-being. The most common addiction therapy options include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Family therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

Medication is sometimes an important companion to psychotherapy in addiction treatment. This combination, known as medication-assisted treatment (MAT), is the modern standard for treating opioid addiction and alcoholism. 

MAT medication’s main goal is helping you stay relapse-free. This goal can be achieved by reducing your desire to use an opioid or take a drink. It can also be achieved by stopping opioids or alcohol from gaining access to your brain.

Want to find out more about detoxification or active alcohol or drug rehab near Tulsa? Get a detailed explanation today from the experts at Arista Recovery.

Therapies We Offer At Arista Recovery

Primary rehab focuses mainly on the direct effects of substance addiction. This tight focus is crucial to your ability to achieve stable sobriety. However, by itself, it may fail to address certain underlying factors common to people affected by addiction. That’s why primary treatment is often supplemented with secondary care that takes a more holistic approach. 

At Arista Recovery, the main form of secondary addiction treatment is experiential therapy. This is an umbrella term for therapies that use various kinds of physical activity to help you:

  • Access thoughts and feelings that you have difficulty expressing verbally
  • Share these thoughts and feelings with others
  • Resolve inner conflicts that help keep your addiction active
  • Heal in ways that might not be possible in a more traditional therapy format

What are your options for experiential therapy? The list of methods included in this category includes:

 Have questions about how these therapies support primary rehab treatments? The knowledgeable professionals at Arista are standing by to answer them.

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Inpatient Treatment

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Settings for Tulsa Addiction Treatment

Our full-service Tulsa drug and alcohol rehab center will offer detox and rehab services in several different settings. Most of these settings are reserved for people not affected by severe forms of addiction, including:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Standard outpatient programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs)
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs)

However, one in particular, residential inpatient care, is reserved for people heavily affected by addiction. Contact us today to learn more about the criteria for each of the four treatment settings available at Arista.

Statistically, substance problems and other mental health issues are strongly linked. In fact, your chance of being affected by both of them is roughly 50/50. To recover from overlapping addiction and mental illness, you need a dual diagnosis treatment plan. This kind of plan provides additional mental health support to promote your overall return to stable function. Contact Arista Recovery today for more information on our dual diagnosis services.

Ideally, you’ll be ready to resume your everyday routine when you complete your time in residential rehab. However, this is often not the case. Instead, many people need a place where they can make a more gradual return to their day-to-day responsibilities. You can take this slower approach by enrolling in Arista’s sober living program. This program features transitional housing that helps you stay relapse-free as you return to daily life. For more on how it works, consult us today.

At Arista Recovery, we’re committed to providing effective addiction treatment that’s convenient to Tulsa and all of northeastern Oklahoma. We feature a comprehensive slate of detox and active rehab services. Primary treatment is the core of our customized recovery plans. You can also choose from multiple forms of experiential therapy. And if you’re affected by additional mental health issues, our dual diagnosis specialists are here for you. To get started, just contact us today by phone, email or our brief online form.



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